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Rod Miloschew from Melbourne Australia is 48 years old . He was born with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida . He doesn’t have Hydrocephalus! Rod also has a Illeostomy and uses a wheelchair to get him around places . He’s pretty healthy besides having a occasional UTI ( urinary tract infection).


Growing up, as far as home goes, Rod’s mother and father treated him like a "normal" kid. They didn't even see Rod as having a disability. Rod has a sister named Debbie  about 2 years younger than him. 


As kids, they used to fight & carry on like young siblings do. Now they get along really good. Rod and Debbie  go out everywhere. She watches out for Rod and  absolutely hates it with a passion when someone starts to stare at her brother . Debbie  gives them real bad looks.


During his childhood , Rod was heavily into sports. He used to play wheelchair basketball & participated in wheelchair racing. Rod even got to represent his state on several occasions! It took him all over Australia!  


As a kid, Rod had always  dreamt of becoming a firefighter. About 19 years ago, Rod  applied to his local Fire Brigade to be a volunteer. They  accepted him with no questions aske. Another dream Rod hopes to achieve is finding the love of his life .


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June 15, 2019

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