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My Name's Arelene

Hello Readers ! My name is Arlene Brewer. I had a rough life growing up . I had a lot of abuse. I didn’t know I had any of these disabilities such as Spina Bifida. I knew of being small I knew I had a lot of kidney and bladder issues and spent a year in children memorial hospital in Chicago.

In school I got good grades. I was one that was picked on. I stayed to myself. When I was 16 I got married .I started being sick but really didn’t know what was wrong.

I worked hard every day. I didn’t have any kids with my husband. We separated because I couldn’t take his abuse any more. When i was 26 years old I met my children's father. I had my first son.

Then there dad was very very abusive. He raped, beat and tortured me. I ended up with two more kids. I didn’t believe in abortion. My children and I tried hiding from him. It didn’t work.

Finally it ended. I am a single mom. Their father didn’t do anything for us but cause us trouble. I worked days and nights so my kids could do sports and all that I wanted for them. I just kept getting sicker and sicker but had to keep going. I had a fourth son unexpectedly. His dad liked to drink a lot, I told him to slow down or there wouldn't be any more "us".

I also raised three of my sisters daughters along with my sons. When my mom died is when I learned that I really was sick. i had a lot of tests done. I find all these things that’s been going on with me and its been a endless battle ever since. I love to crochet and cook and bake. My goals and dreams? I would like to be spending time with grand kids when I get to visit.

My advice for those who have to go through what I went thru, keep track of what you are feeling. If you feel sick get it tested. Maybe I wouldn’t be this bad if I would’ve went to doctor. I just thought it was from my abuse. I hope my story helps someone out there.

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