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Katie Futch

On March 2, 2018 i had an appointment at the ROC. (High rick doctors) due to my placenta separating from the uterus walls earlier in my pregnancy. When i got there they did an ultra sounds and checked the babys sack, organs and placenta. The lady was taking a long time but i enjoyed watching my baby girl move around on the big screen.

The doctors came in shortly after to review the ultra sound pictures. He seemed really concerned, he kept asking if my doctors did any ultrosounds recently. My recent one was dec 28 2017.

He then began to give me the news that my baby girl has spina bifida ( which is where the spine didnt close all the way) Which is causing fluid on her brains. My heart sank, i thought it was all my fault, i thought i was the worst mother ever. We continue to talk about our steps on this situation. Frist, they needed to to a Amniocentesis so they could test the chromosomes which I went back March 5th 2018 to have that done.

He also mentioned a fetal surgery but there are no surgents in Florida that can do it and I can't afford to travel .He also gave me the option to abort up until 24 weeks. I turned it down because I couldn't do it to my baby. I would never be able to live knowing I did that to her. Then he began to tell me my baby girl will have to have surgery when she arrives to close her spine and drain the fluid off her brain.

I decided to join a group called Walk N Rolling With Spina Bifida on social media. It’s a group where I could find out more about spina bifida and be able to connect with people that's in my shoes or has been in my shoes. I posted and introduced myself and my situation. I got a lot of great responses that made me feel better and not alone.

I went back March 9th 2018 for my results. The doctor said that it's not getting any worse. They are more worried about the fluids on her brain because 9 * out of 10 the surgery will help her. All the results came back normal for spina bifida. She did another ultrasound and checked the baby's growth and she is growing 100% perfect. She's approximately 1 lb 7 oz at 24 weeks and 3 days. They are switching my OBGYN so I could deliver at Baptist Hospital because that's where they feel she would get all the help she needs.

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