Over & Done With

As we stand on neutral ground after the battle

I concede to you my place in your life

I ain't into that strife. Let the good times be the good times

And the past be the past. Over and done with it

I am no sob story

You could tell me

You could twist my hand

Now my cards are so close to my chest

I am wishing you the best. Let hearsay be hearsay

But we both know the truth

We had a good thing

But it died at the root. Over and done with

Heart break and heart ache

Them two be doing me in soppy

With the fantasy of what could of been

And what should have been. Don't call me call them

It's alright I am cool

I can clearly see that I am the fool

Words have always been the death of me

I am always thinking everybody is honest

I guess not. Over and done with

There is no resurrection for the good things

We lost sight

I am caught up in the mental fog of what love should be

And could be to heck with you Disney

Who says fairy tales are for me?