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You tell me that you love me

And I should unmask myself

But I’m not sure if you are ready to see me ?

But if you are, here it goes

Me unmasked is the girl without makeup,

The girl who prefers jeans and T-shirts to dresses

Her hair pulled back in a pony- tail

Me unmasked is the one

With strong opinions and convictions,

Unmasked I am like a two-sided coin

When I love someone,

I love them as passionately as I can

I am loving everything about them,

Things which show intricate details Like his smile yes his smile!

Which seems to stir in me,

The need for past hurts and long drawn out silences to be forgiven

The other side of the coin is when our love dies,

As I get tired of refueling the fire

That now dwindles to nothing but a spark,

Will you still love me then?

Will you fight to get back in?

Me unmasked is me forgetting about being perfect and totally in control ,

Me unmasked will be the unraveling of the sharades

That I have been playing at the wannabe extrovert

Trying to keep you hooked

Like them other girls telling you things you want to hear

Maybe then you’ll think I am a woman Enough for you the one to take you places Me unmasked is vulnerability, weakness and imperfection

The things that some men possibly shun at wanting nothing to do with

Because they’ve become more satisfied with the late night creeper

She’ll love them and leave them,

Me unmasked is the one who is willing to stay

When the mask you wear comes off tell me are you?

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