I'm Melissa

Hello Everyone! My name is Melissa! I was born with Spina Bifida. When I was growing up I was in regular ed all through school. I went to all of the school dances in high school and middle school. I had a lot of friends. I had a great family and support system. My disability did not bother me in my head. I was just like everyone else.

I graduated high school in 1991 and worked for 10 1/2 years in a nursing home right after high school. I was layed off and a year or so later. I got a job at a elementary school near me. I have been working there ever since.

It was when I turned 30 yrs old I started not liking my life and my disability I became very depressed but still managed to hold down a job and maintain my life and now that I am getting older I am starting to see my parents failing health and I am trying to come to terms with what is going to happen to me when my parents can no longer take care of my daily needs In my spare time I enjoy adult coloring, watching tv ,shopping and hanging with my family and friends.