The Thing About Sadness Is

Sorry for my long absence everyone!! I have decided to write you tonight because Somebody I admired greatly died today. He killed him self. He was found by a friend he died alone the reason for his choice is unknown. This a person who seemingly had it all fame money and new experiences.

He traveled the world he lived his life. As an on looker I considered his life perfect and ideal. However something clicked in me today which is the realization that money and possessions will never bring inner peace or love for ones self . Money and fame will not guarantee you good friends who will bring you out of the storms of life our give you a warm comforting place to bring your troubles to. I believe that it is a tragedy to die alone in hurt with no one knowing you’ve gone until your'e found, it is a sad way to go and a sad way to live a life.

It saddens me when someone takes their own life it hurts me to know that they had no one to turn to that their sadness and despair could not be quelled and healed. Are we so desensitized that we fall short of being present for the ones we love ? Death and dying though they are the natural ways was of life should not be ignored just because someone has died by the own hand. I believe that we should reach out to those who are struggling and show them that they matter to us we have to learn to be to say it is okay to not have it all together all the time. Depression is difficult. I have dealt with it and having thoughts of death. I get to feeling like I was worthless and useless thinking that the pain I felt inside could only subside if I slit my wrist or hurt myself. Thankfully I never took my thoughts into action. I leave you dear readers I want you to know that it is okay to say that you need help out of the darkness that is depression, It is an everyday battle filled with highs and lows like everything else in life. Please hold fast to those who love you and care for you.

I remain your faithful correspondent With Love, With care,