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To The Zoo

I went to the Zoo a couple weeks ago with the family. We got all the way down there with my scooter and then realized nobody brought my keys. My brother in law swears he handed them to me after he got the scooter out of the shed but I have absolutely no recollection of this. I’m blaming this one on the hydrocephalus. LOL. My memory sucks anymore. Anyway, since that happened we had to rent one of the zoo’s scooters for $30. They have standard wheelchairs for $10. I’ve been to the zoo multiple times over my life and I’ve always used a wheelchair of some sort. I don’t recall many instances in the past where I couldn’t go somewhere in the zoo because of inaccessibility.

The only complaint I had on this trip was the underground viewing area for the manatees. It has to entrances and both have stairs. However they just got a sizable donation and hopefully will put some funds aside for this as I plan on suggesting it. They way you get in in via an elevator to the main area. There is an escalator and stairs for those that can go that way. After being there a while, my sister and brother in law took the kids on the train while my mom and I went on our own for a bit. We didn’t think they had an area for the scooter but it turns out they do.

That’s fine though because after we passed the manatee exhibit mom needed to rest for a bit so I went on a little bit on my own. Something I’ve never really done before. I saw the zoo babies and some penguins, then I went over to the Gibbon Monkeys. Now some of the walkways may seem a bit precarious but that’s mostly because I’m a very paranoid person when it comes to getting stuck in places in my chair or steep hills. Just take your time and judge for yourself. The only other part I had an issue with was the otter viewing area. I didn’t get stuck in the mud, I got caught up on the edge of the walkway. I may suggest they extend that around the tree there. We saw the wolves, bears, and I insisted on visiting the cats house because its my favorite. Then we visited Kendi the rhino and his mother. And then we visited the famous Fiona the Nile Hippo and her mother Bibi. It was my first time seeing them and they were alseep but it was still cool to see them close up finally. All in all it was a good trip. I can’t wait to visit in a few years when they finish their new things they plan on doing.

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