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Poison Ivy

Behind chocolate brown hair and piercing ice blue eyes. Her venom drips from blood red lips curved into a sickening sweet smile.

Her claws mistaken for lovely fingers of grace and beauty,

tear through your soul

and make your heart bleed.

Her voice heavily coated with sweet cotton candy,

rings with contempt disgust,

bringing you to your knees begging for mercy.

Her laughter, laced with insanity

will drown you in her madness.

She will draw you in with a promise of sisterhood, all the while her wicked plans to destroy you

reside in her twisted mind.

Jealousy rages through her voluptuous frame masked by sweet saccharine smile.

Uncover her poison

And you just may survive scathed and bleeding, driven to madness by her wicked games she plays with your head. Follow her seduction and lies into her web of lunatics and hypocrisy

and she will swallowyou whole,

leaving behind no trace of her poison

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