Luca’s Story

Luca is a three-and-a-half year old little boy to Vicky Jane. Luca has Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele (L5). Luca is a beautiful little boy with a cheeky character but a very sensitive soul. Luca does not let his condition define him in anything he does. So far, Luca's challenges include bowel and bladder issues, and slight mobility issues due to his delay in nerve function. His parents have to catheterize him three times a day and he is still in diapers. Most of his other symptoms will be determined after his spinal cord detethering surgery. Luca and his family currently live in Fife (Scotland). They have a fabulous support network of friends and family, and not to forget, Luca's Spina Bifida and Hydrochephalus Scotland Support worker, Fiona. Luca and his parents have monthly groups they attend where Luca gets to spend time with other children who also have Spina Bifida. Luca is a great big brother to Seth and helps to look after him. He loves going to play at parks and spending time in the garden with his Grandad Brian growing plants and vegetables.

Luca loves running (although finds himself falling quite a lot), but this does not stop his wee determined spirit. Luca goes to a state school nursery and loves playing with his friends. He will be following them to primary school next August. Luca's parents do not set any goals for Luca just yet because they are constantly learning about Spina Bifida. If he was to give any advice to a parent or a child, it would be to take every day as it comes and to not allow anyone to dictate what you can and cannot accomplish. Both their children are a blessing, and Luca's parents don't have any expectations set, as they will become who and what they want to be. Spina Bifida only defines you if you allow it.