Hello ! I’m Margaret!

Hello my name is Margaret Tengstrom. I have Lipo Myelomeningocele. My back was closed when I was born. I don’t have Arnold Chiari Malformation, and I can walk.

The laminectomy’s started in 1985 and ended in 2007 when I contracted E. coli Spinal Meningitis. I had a Tendon transfer and big toe fusion in my left foot in 2012. In July of 2016 I had a Urostomy Ileal Conduit surgery. That’s when I for the first time had an Ileus and they had to put an NG tube done my nose while I was awake. That procedure was hell for me . The nurses didn’t think about grinding up my pills till a day later. So that night I went off all of my 39 pills. Today I live in Rochester, Minnesota and I am trying to live my life day by day the best I can.