Hey I’m Gordon

Hey there ! My name is Gordon . I was born in New Zealand in 1960 where my parents had emigrated from Scotland a few years before. At first the doctors were not very willing to admit that I had SB. Once they did, they wanted my parents to "let nature take it's course" as they put it. They said I would probably die very soon, and I didn't, I would never be capable of going to school.

My Mum and Dad decided to bring me home to Scotland and after some surgery my condition began to improve. I went to special schools for disabled children as was the norm then. The education wasn't great, but when I left I went to night school to get more qualifications. At the same time, I got a job in the Civil Service. After a few years I became involved in the Union and soon became a full-,time official, rising to be Education Officer for Scotland.

When I was about 40 I decided I wanted to do a Bachelor of Arts Degree with the Open University which enables people who are working to study at home. I graduated in 2005. My Union merged with a larger one in 2007 and I took early retirement. My life has been a very full one and I am lucky enough to have enjoyed good health . I am very comfortable in my own skin and grateful to my parents for giving me the chance of life when the doctors had predicted a bleak outlook.