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Sarah Julian

Hello Everyone! My name is Sarah Julian ! I was born with Myelomeningocele Spina Bifida. Growing up , I was a happy child . My parents did ALOT of work to keep things as normal as possible for me .

But by the time I was 8, I had spent about a quarter of my life in the hospital. You learn a LOT of adult things & grow up FAST in the world of Spina Bifida. My Favorite things as a kid to do are swimming. I love anything water. I also love to do some reading... later on, I got more adept at shopping...haha...

My advice for those with a disability would depend. But I would definitely say Hmmm... keeping up with health is important. For those with less mobility, things can get out of hand quickly. Our mental health is important too, especially with all the extra worries & struggles we have. Eating right & trying to keep as active as possible is best for you . You may want to find adaptive sports or exercises to do .

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