Stupid Question

I received a message on Facebook from a guy I do not know. I opened it to answer, even if I was not really inclined to: -“Roxana, can I ask you a question?” I said yes. -“ Do you like being a paraplegic?”, he asked me. I replied that it’s a stupid question. -“Excuse me, it’s because I see you do so many things. And you look happier than women who can walk. ” I did not wish to end up in a controversy so I just limited myself to saying “no problem! See you soon”. Yes, he apologized as he immediately understood that what he had said was bullshit. But I kept thinking about this: Do I really seem so happy in the photos that are posted on Facebook? Boh, maybe that’s the way it is, but that’s what I want to let you see and to not let you go through one that complains. But leaving aside the perceptions, this guy talks about the wheelchair, about disability, about how you can be happy while sitting down. 

Yet those who are standing are not immune to problems. It is not all milk and honey. Should I smile less just because I have a disability? There are many other things that make us sad. For example, there are those who suffer for love, perhaps because the feelings they feel for someone are not shared. There are those who suffer because of financial problems, maybe they do not have food to put on the table or the money to pay the bills. Others suffer from loneliness, perhaps because they are alone at an advanced age and no longer have anyone who has time to devote to an elderly person. There are those who, by mistake, find themselves behind bars, and their life “proceeds” indoors. There are those who live but do not appreciate life because they have not yet found a meaning for their existence. There are many reasons that make us less happy, but it does not mean that if I am sitting on a wheelchair and next to me there is a standing woman that she is happier than me just because I move “differently” while she is able to. Perhaps for various reasons she suffers much more than I. Or maybe I see life differently than most others and I can enjoy the life I have even if there are many obstacles on my path.