Hi everyone, I am Ailsa, and I am the proud owner of Brains on Wheels. Brains on Wheels is my personal blog, where I write about my experiences surrounding my disabilities. I would like to thank Anna for inviting me to write for her blog. Today I will be talking about acceptance. It is extremely important to accept the way you are, and I know that this is easier said than done for some people, but the more you accept yourself for the way you are, the easier it is to live with the body that you are given. Most people tend to accept themselves in their late teens, but for some reason, I am only just learning to accept myself now, in my 20s. People who know me, tell me not to worry about my arms flying around, but I worry about them hitting out because I don’t want to hit someone or cause a scene. I am starting to accept that I can’t help it and other people should accept this too, but sometimes I get funny looks… It was fairly easy to accept that I would never walk without some sort of support because it has always been like this for me. I can walk with support, but I may not be able to in the future, and that is difficult for me to think about. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you have enjoyed it. I hope to see you again over on my blog… Read more about what I get up to by visiting my blog here: (Brains on Wheels)