Natalie Rodriguez's mother at her when she was 32 years of age .  Her mom found out later in the pregnancy that Natalie would be born  with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus . Two days after being born , Natalue had her back closed up . Then at  five days old  Natalie had a VP shunt put in . 

Growling up with Spina Bifida was fine for Natalie. She went to regular school and was in regular classes.  Natalie had friends but some people made fun of her. Luckily Natalie grew up with the mentality that she was “ normal “ and that god made me this way for reason. Kids in school growing up asked Natalie why she had to wear  braces on her legs , Natalie replied, “ T walk better.” 

Natalie  has 2 older siblings and nobody treated her differently in the house. Natalie  has had her shunt replaced twice . Natalie has grown up into a beautiful young lady and is a mother herself . Despite having a high risk pregnancy due to having a disability herself , Her son Matthew was born with zero health issues or disabilities. 

In her spare time , Natalie likes to go out with friends to the park.  They take their kids.  Natalie also likes to go to the mall , go swimming or to an amusement park like Disney . Natalie is always with her friends or family. She is always  up for anything. 

Natalie is currently in a relationship with a gentleman who is a childhood friend . They have been together 7 years . He doesn’t have a disability. Natalie plans on going to college to become a ultrasound technician.