Our Angel

Our angel sang the day the heavens opened, welcoming you home. Amazing Grace she sang your song as the trumpets played along from God's golden gates. In my dream less I heard your laughter, the sweetest sound I never heard. Behind your door in the darkness you Will never again suffer, your demons that walked with you on this earth Have turned to dust and your door is now wide open. So many words left unspoken, I from Got to say goodbye. you left this world so quickly. We gathered around and Your songs, we told your stories, and through our tears we said so long till We meet again. Never goodbye. Till We meet again. The skin you wore, never a comfortable fit have been replaced with wings, I hope you fly free of your silent torture daddy.

May the thorns of your beautiful roses lay soft against your skin. The words I love you were forbidden and left unsaid. I want you to know how much my heart was healed the day you said those four little powerful words I never knew how how much I needed to hear them from you. Daddy you a fishing pole in my hand and a rule in the other you taught me how to be a lady. When words betrayed me I was so young, you and I we created our own language no one else could understand. By my bedside you were there each time I was broken speaking out language, making me smile through the pain. Daddy the day my angel was taken home in your arms I was comforted.

I will set you free, free from your burdens set you free from your darkness, set you free to fly with our angel, and when my time comes, we will meet again.