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I am going to tell you like this:

I am done with people, who want to make you seem crazy.

But, in the end they're the ones in the wrong. They chose to divide between blood,

Causing conflict for their own good.

But, you know it's wrong.

Therefore, you keep doing it any old way. And I am told:

Don't go looking for, what is wrong within a person...

That’s all you will attract.

But, when you do try to bring out anything good,

Or even talk about the good,

What do you know?

They want to shut you down.

But, only want to spot out the bad,

In everything that you do. So, I am done at working hard enough to, Remove myself from the situation...

I know things are not going to change.

People can paint so many pictures,

And tell many stories about them.

But, through the viewers eyes,

They can see every emotion,

Through the brush strokes on the canvas.

Therefore, you can try your hardest to break me. But, this soul is unbreakable.

Its like a storm that went through the test of time.

And so what if I choose to cry,

I was created to be strong.

Therefore, these tears are my sign of strength. And if you can't bare to see these tears I shed,

Then the hell with you...

I am not going to hide these tears.

So, the best of luck if you want to hear from me...

Those words were in my tears.

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