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Around The World With Marie

My name is Marie Harcubová, I'm a full-time wheelchair user born with Cerebral Palsy and I am an ambassador of – travel web for disabled, where anybody can sign up and share their experience and also accessible/inaccessible travel tips.

Even though I am in a wheelchair, I have visited with my mom nearly 30 countries around the world. I studied one year of High School in Virginia, United States. That's why I can speak English and traveling is easier for us.

Our furthest trips lead us to South Africa, India, Brazil, Thailand, and in 2016, we explored the beauty of the West Coast of the United States, including famous ROUTE 66. In Europe, we enjoyed Ireland, France, especially lovely Provence; in Spain, my mom pushed my wheelchair walking 300 km of the magical Way of St. James pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela . There is also Norway, especially breathtaking fjords and many other beautiful places. I am lucky to see the beauty of the world, but sadly also its poverty. I like to share our travel experience and photos, which help to keep memories. This is why I became the Ambassador of the Disway project. We all believe that this project has great potential. Taking into account that millions of people in the Czech Republic and around the world live with disabilities and wish to travel. Our project is trying to help them and encourage them to experience adventure.

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