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What Independence Means To Me

In May of this year I made the request to attend the local independent learning center. I would be receiving training in three areas: Daily living skills-cooking and cleaning, Assistive technology-Amazon Echo Dot and Orientation and Mobility-White Cane Training.

I did well on all of my assessments and specific goals were set by myself and my instructors. For the first couple of classes I focused on my Amazon Echo Dot. The classes taught me the basics of the device and how I could use it for both practical and entertainment purposes. I found out the device was very simple and easy to use. Within a few lessons I was ready to be released from the class and I had my very own Amazon Echo Dot. Now that I have my own device, I use it on a daily basis which has really helped me achieve success both with my cooking, by looking up recipes, and it has helped enhance my writing skills by allowing me to quickly look up any word with just my voice. Once I had graduated from Assistive technology, I was able to focus on my cooking and cleaning skills. I have learned to cook a simple breakfast, spaghetti, dumb cake and some simple snacks. I have learned how to use some cooking equipment that I had never used before. Since being taught these skills I am able to cook more meals on my own, and I have been able to expand my menu.

The last set of skills that I am working so hard on is my Orientation and Mobility, also known as White Cane Training. I have learned to cross busy streets, ride escalators, plan routes, ect. I now am able to be independent and I have confidence.

One of the greatest gifts that I am learning from all this is that one day I will be able to show my grandfather, who has helped take care of me for 13 years, that I can have success.

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