Jessie Gray

I am 36 years old and live in Elma, WA. I have 2 therapy cats namedMia and Lucy. I have been in a wheelchair full time since 2008. Prior to this, I used a walker for mobility. In 2008, I had a complication from having my large intestine removed and became an incomplete paraplegic, so I can't feel anything from the thighs down. I also have an uncommon form of Neuropathy that has damaged several organs. I have had 22 surgeries (minor and major) since 2006 to remove or repair organs, as well as to do Botox bladder injections and replace central line ports.

I have two Ostomies, an Ileostomy and a Urostomy. I also have a GI feeding tube due to functional short bowel syndrome and Gastroparesis. Though I can eat, only half of the food and fluids I consume stay in me to be digested, so I have to supplement with formula and Pedialyte solution. Just for fun, I have named all the appliances on my belly. My Urostomy is named Pete, Ileostomy is named Repeat, feeding tube is named Slink, and he central line port is named Nubby.