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Kayla & Matthew

Hey, my name is Kayla Otis . My son Matthew Otis was diagnosed at 3 months with generalized epilepsy. when Matthew turned one, we were told he had Hypotonia (low muscle tone). At 10 months Matthew was able to roll over. At 16 months old, Matthew sat up. When Matthew turned 2 years old he began to Crawl. Doctors diagnosed Matthew with ASD and Focal Epilepsy at 3.5 years. At aqe 4 Matthew began to use a posterior walker. Matthew just started walking 3 months ago. 1 month after he turned 6 years old we found out that Matthew has right sided Hippocampal Clerosis. We were told he will need surgery along with aggressive supplement therapy.

At the Moment , We’re waiting on an appointment with a surgical Epileptologist at the end of the month. I’m hoping that at this appointment we can have more of a game plan.

Matthew loves listening to music, watching Mickey Mouse on tv, swinging, and playing with his Papa (my dad). I’m pretty sure he would eat nonstop if I’d let him, but the GI problems kinda prevent that.

He’s finally in a good school where he’s got an amazing teacher and parapro, administration is wonderful, and lately when he’s had appointments dealing with the Hippocampal Sclerosis everyone is asking how he is & how the appointment went.

Moms and dads please relax and celebrate the little accomplishments your child or children do. If they have other children, remember to make time for them too. It’s so incredibly easy to get lost in the world of caring for a special needs child & lose track of your other kids.

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