Ann’s Angel

Hello everyone, My Name is John Lipscomb and I’m the President of Ann’s Angels Adaptive Waterski Foundation. Ann's Angels AWF is a 501C3 Public Charity Adaptive waterski foundation dedicated to providing the Adaptive community with Waterski and Wakeboard events & coaching. We also teach other organizations how to do the same and educating the public to raise awareness about people with disabilities.

Personally I am 50 years old and other than having a stuttering problem as a kid, a demented since humor and bad knees, I do not have a disability. I have never won a major tournament or sports trophy other than in High school. I do photography for many sports and non sports clients buy stick to water sports for the majority. I was part of a few water ski show ski teams in the 90’s and skied at tournaments and events for many years till my knees gave out.

After High school where I participated in Football, Soccer and Track I picked up indoor soccer and waterskiing. After 1998 when I lost my left knee to a bad ACL reconstruction I turned to volunteering with UCanSki2 for Adaptive Water skiing.

I also picked up photography to help show what we were doing for people with disabilities. It grew into a job and a career after working in warehousing for 20 years. My wife and I were getting ready to move on when UCanSki2 was in jeopardy of becoming a program of the past Because our director had passed of cancer in 2015. The volunteers had a meeting to dismantle the program and take care of a few final business aspects and the question came up what if we didn’t quit? What if we continued as the volunteers? What if we did let it die? ….. At that meeting we came up with a name. Ann called her Volunteers her band of Angels so the meeting became know as the Ann’s Angels Meeting and from there as we passed each obstacle it became clear we would not allow it to end. May of 2016 we became Ann’s Angels Adaptive Waters ski Foundation Inc. Since then we have become a 501c3 public charity in the state of Florida.

I hope to take Ann’s Angels into the future as the premier program in the US for Waterskiing and wake boarding for people with disabilities and help to create a programs that runs at least once a year in every State in the US. We want to create a training facility for Adaptive waterskiing and wake boarding in Florida and host tournaments for our participants to compete in as well.