Longs Retreat Regina Simpson

The summer of 2015, we rented a cabin at Longs Retreat here in Ohio. It was two stories but it had a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor that I used. Off from the downstairs bed & bath was the living room & kitchen. It was very large and open for any wheelchair use if need be. It was like a small community with lots of fun activities on the grounds.

There's a small beach much like the one at Pike Lake. There was go carts, a Merry Go Round, canoeing, a bouncy house and a kids fountain water park next to the beach, which was also conducive for wheelchair users. Basically they had their own little amusement park.

The only downside was that there wasn’t any cell reception. So any cell calls had to made up a ways up the road. But fun was had by all. https://www.longsretreat.com/deluxe-units Ours was the Deluxe Two Bedroom Cabin with Loft - $150/night. If u follow the link the websites pics are better than mine.