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So, This Chair Thing

So This chair thing

This you’re kind of scared thing

This eye catching ,make you stare thing

The thought prompting, curiosity leading

Make you wonder thing

Let me answer your everything

Your I never knew thing

.... I kind of figured thing

.... I had no idea thing

.... I had a fascination thing

The does it hurt thing

How do you put your shirt thing

Do you flirt thing

What about sex thing

That does it get erect thing

The taboo subject thing

The simple and complex thing

The you wanna race ? Thing

The how fast can you go ? Thing

The embarrassed face thing

The how do you go thing

Wouldn’t it be comforting

Getting rid of the ignorance thing

The wall that blocks the knowledge thing

The key to the enlightening

So, this chair thing

The are you ready to be aware thing,

The let’s stop the stare thing

The get over your scared thing

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