Spina Bifida

Born with Spina Bifida Isn't Nice Kids can be so Cruel at School But If They Find Out You Have Spina This Makes You Stronger Being Stronger Pulls You Through Life Isn't Fun With Spina But Don't Let Spina Get You Down Let Spina Pull You Through Spina Stops You Doing Certain Things Don't Let Spina Stop You Be Strong Be Postitive Don't Let Spina Get You Down Smile & Laugh Don't Let Spina Win Or You'll Be Sad It's Not Nice Being In Pain Do You Know What's Life Like? Being On Morphine? High As A Kite?

Knowing There Is No Cure Slowly Getting Worse As The Years Go By I Feel Like An OAP They Have More Energy Then Me!!! Why Me? Why Did This Defect Choose ME? Why Me? Why My Mother's Womb? Not Nice Knowing To Retire Retire way Before My Time, Retire Before My Folks? Do You Know What Life Is Like? Having This Cruel Defect? Wearing Back Braces? Just For Support? No One Knows How It Feels Only Those Whom Suffer Has The Years Go By I'm Slowly Getting Worse But, I keep Smiling Somehow This Is Why I Laugh About Life There Is No Other Way Laughter Makes My Days Better See Through The Pain!!!!