You WILL smile AGAIN!!

Today I met a guy at the beach , mom and I had stopped for a few to watch the waves . He was In tears . He was homeless. He looked over at me , smiled then said to me " I want to die , I want to end it all " I knew then I couldn't leave his side until I made him feel better . I couldn't leave until he knew his life was worth living. My mom had joined us .We sat there and we ( mom and I ) listened to this man talk about his troubles . He was homeless .

He had NOTHING. I told him to never give up , to always see the sunshine through his cloudy days. He said he couldn't . I said he could . He finally smiled through his tears , not a big smile but a smile. He asked " You were not gonna give up until I smiled were you ? " I said hell no . The man whom I didn't know his name ( yet) said " life is an asshole " I said yes and this world is full of them . He laughed and said " yeah" . We had to go , he asked us if we would come back ? My mom and I said we would try . He said thank you .

As we left he helped us get in our car and his tears start to flow again . I held his hand said " dry those tear buddy ! The sun will shine again ! He said I'll try ! He even gave me a big smile that time . His name was Jeff . The moral of the story is if you think your life sucks , just remember you could be sleeping in the woods , with no items and no family . Yes life may knock you down , but you MUST GET BACK UP!!! NEVER SURRENDER!! So if you ever go to new Smyrna and you meet a man named Jeff , tell him that the sun will shine again and he MUST Smile for Anna !!!