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Sailing on wheels

Joshua Geddis served in the Navy from August 2005 - November 2017. Josh was a Seabee doing construction all over the world. He built thing from Colleges to clean water station in countries that desperately needed it. In January 2017 on the last of his five deployments he was crushed while upgrading security for the small out station. Josh had a L1 burst fracture, broken femur, among a handful of other bones. After many surgeries in multiply countries he started 12 weeks of rehab. Upon arrival he could only sit up for just a few seconds, and seven weeks later he mastered the wheelchair being able to go up and down a flight of stairs and finished early. Joshua is no longer serving in the military. He however keeps himself very busy. Joshua is married to Rashelle and together they take care of their two children. In his spare time Joshua goes to the gym and races his hand cycle. Joshua just received a special track wheelchair so he can go out and hunt and fish finally, allowing the family to get out and enjoy more activities together. We asked our veteran, “What advice do you have for those who are in your situation.?” Josh replied “My advice may or may not work for other people. But you need to figure it out what you are going to do and need to do it fast. Because this is the new way of life for us. “Everything you enjoyed as an able body is still there and I have found out that someone has most likely already figured out how to make it work for someone in a chair.” Then he said “If not, figure it out. Life is worth living, so go and enjoy it.” 

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