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The last 7 Days

After another undisturbed night, I started the day reliving myself. I then scooted into the living room and waited for my morning care. He arrived and walked with me the usual amount for a D.C.F day. He was walking with me the eighth time, when my intercom buzzed. I knew even before it was answered, who it was. "Their early" I remarked. "Ignore them," I added. 'It's their fault for being early', I thought. "Go to the communal door," I asked him. He then, like a magic trick he disappeared. Then shortly after, the old chef walked in. She then pushed me to the minibus, where the apprentice got things ready for me to just transfer into the seat. The new chef then drove to the day center, picking up people on the way. On arrival, it was warmer today, so I walked from outside. She then made me two cups of coffee. Whilst waiting for them, Simon joined me and I told him about my day so far. After my coffees, he walked me into double digits, to my wheelchair and I immediately scooted to the toilet, because I was busting. After my close encounter of the wet kind, I scooted back to my walker. I then walked again with him. He merged my diaries together. Then walked with me again. I then scooted to the computer room, ready for lunch. After my stuffing, I walked with Simon. I then loitered in the hallway, until my last official walk. I then walked with Simon again. I'm leaving my walker here tonight, so I've put my front door key in my coat pocket. Too wind up whoever is taking me in. It was the member of staff. She frisked me on arrival though, kind of giving the game away. After pushing me in, I transferred to my sofa and waited for my evening call. While waiting, being paranoid, I watched a video titled 'How to know for certain if you'll go to heaven.'' It started by listing the ten commandments and highlighting a few, such as number 9, do not bear false witness. Meaning if we've ever lied we've broken the commandment. (I know I have!) Meaning, I deserve punishment. God is a fair and just God, where he treats us the same. He then quoted Romans chapter three, verse twelve. Then Romans chapter seven, verse seven. fortunately, Jesus (Who was God, in the flesh) has paid the price of me breaking these commandments. The narrator then said the price for this is simply believe this in your heart. My evening care then arrived earlier than usual. After walking with me with my spare rollater, I ate the meal he'd reheated. Tired for some reason, I then relaxed, ready for bed. I'd awoken about two hours before my cares usual arrival time. I'd woken up in need of a number one. This I didn't understand, as I stopped all fluids from 13:00. After getting dressed, I scooted into the living room and updated my diary. I then waited for my morning care. He arrived and walked me with my spear rollater a few times. Then my intercom buzzed again. It was my mother. She arrived to take me to the dentists. My morning care then left. My mother then phoned for a taxi. After pushing me to the main road, I wasn't waiting long until my taxi arrived and drove me to the dentists. I wasn't in the waiting room, long the butcher (I mean dentist) called me in. After transferring to the examination slab (I mean bench) After about five minutes,

I transferred back to my wheelchair. It wasn't long, until the dentists was no more than a bad memory and I was in another taxi. Pulling up outside DCF. Once in, Simon helped me transfer into the armchair and made me a few coffees. He then walked with me to my wheelchair. After resting briefly, I had my first official walk. I then scooted to the computer room to socialize. My next walk was with him too. After walking into double digits, I scooted to the toilet. Once relieved, I scooted back to the computer room. Mainly to socialize but also have lunch. After filling my face, I walked with Simon. I then loitered for awhile. I then walked with the new member of staff, as Simon's leaving early, to pick up his dad's car. As it's today we're going to Cardiff. I then scooted to the computer room to await for the official end. Nearer the time, I waited Inn the hallway, by my walker. At the end, I couldn't be bothered to walk, so Alex just pushed me to the minibus. The old chef then drove to mine. Dropping one other beforehand. He pushed me right in, I then waited for Simon, aas were watching a film. He soon arrived and pushed me to his parents car. Lesley decided to come too, so she was in the car. Once I transferred in, Simon started the long drive to the Welsh capital. Wether-or-not we'd get there on time looked less and less promising, as the motorway traffic got slower and slower. Until we came to a halt. So panicking, I prayed in my head, that we'd make it. On arrival, I went to the toilet and relieved myself. Simon then pushed me into the showing. We'd just made it. Tthe last trailer had just finished. It was certainly an experience and a great film. Afterwards they pushed me back to the car. Then Simon started the drive back to mine. On arrival back, Simon came in but feeling frail, from her illness. (and age, if I'm brutally honest) she didn't brave the cold. As Lesley stayed in the car, Simon didn't stay. Therefore, after reheating my evening meal, I ate. I then went to bed. 20/02/2019 - After another undesturbed night, I'd awoken with a near critical need for the toilet. It was light outside, so I scooted to the kitchen and started the day with a cold coffee. I then opened my balcony door, to air my flat. Full of cold coffee, I only briefly went outside until I was again relaxing on the toilet. My intercom finally buzzed. My morning care arrived an hour late. She walked with me a few times. Then moments before she left, my mother arrived. After socialising briefly with my care, my care left. My mother then changed my bed, while I ate my breakfast. She then went to the shop, to get a balence from the ATM. She returned and it hadn't changed since yesterday but being paronoid, I needed to know. She then toasted me a cheese sandwich. Moments before leaving. I then waited for my domestic call. She arrived and walked with me a few times, then she washed my hair. Then she she walked with me into double digits. Then the mopping began. I then watched a film. "I'm going now" she said, "it looks like it's going to rain" she added, "You don't want me to catch pneumonia and die, do you?" She asked. Perhaps shrugging my shoulders and saying "Bye" as a bad idea! "Your so rude" She commented, as she left. 'Great isn't it' I then thought. I then waited for my evening care. I then watched various videos. One such video was on the difference between apes and man. "We share 98 - 99% of are DNA" I've heard this argument so many times, by evolutionists, to explain we shared a common ancestor eons ago. What isn't so well known is large parts of the DNA was left out. A whopping 18% of an apes DNA was left out, because the genome was either repeated or in the wrong place. The video then explained that some genes are shared by all mammals, as we all eat and sleep for example. The narrater then explained why else we have some DNA in common. He then explained we all grow bones and teeth. Apparently we also have a lot in common with the mouse and it's pretty clear not all of us are as stupid as a door mouse. (There are exceptions! Why does a certain person who works at DCF spring to mind?) The video then explained that apes are just souless tree dwellers, where man was made in God's image, with a soul and we have emotions, we also know the difference between right and wrong. The video then explained more differences. Like brain size and I.Q. Then the narrater explained some physical differences. (Apart from the obvious.) Apes therefore live by instinct, like biological robots. Whereas mankind has a conscheous. With an eternal soul. God created us out of the ground, to be caretakers of animals like apes. The video carried on for awhile but I didn't, my attention soon ground to a Holt. So I played my favourite game, then more videos which didn't take to much concentration such as police pursuits. Late as usual, my evening call arrived. She walked with me a few times. Then she reheated a meal my mother prepared yesterday. Once she left, I ate, then exercised. I then relaxed, ready for bed by watching videos on police pursuits. 21/02/2019 - Last night was identical to the one before. Undesturbed and an early start. Waking with a near critical need for the toilet. This I didn't understand as I haven't drank a for awhile. It was getting too light outside anyway, so I didn't even try to go back to sleep. Paronia told me, I wasn't getting care. Surpringly, I was wrong. She told me yesterday, she'd be a little late, she wasn't , I if anything, she was a few minutes early. She walked with me and gave me a wash at the sink. Once she left, I waited for my shopping call. While waiting, I watched an Islamic video about the end times. Very weary that it's not Christian, so to watch out for deception.

Apparently the building of high rises were proficied 1,400 years ago to mark the end times but no quoran verse was quoted, meaning it's probably make believe. It also said that female musicians would be very successful, again no quoran verse was quoted. That just about put that dilution to bed. I then watched a similar video, which dribbled on about evolution. I then watched a video of events on Earth, as proficied in Revelations. My shopping call arrived and walked with me a few times. He then pushed me to his car and drove to my usual supermarket. For the second week running, I didn't buy alcohol. So I went to the one supermarket. Once back, he put the food away I brought. He then walked with me into double digits. Once he made my baguette, he walked with me a few more times. He then left, so I exercised. After my work-out, I wiped my brow. I then transferred o my sofa and waited for my evening call. She arrived and walked with me aa few times. She also reheated my evening meal as I walked. When everything was done, she left and I ate. I then had a drink of alcohol. Being intoxicated, I didn't really need to relax but I watched more videos on astrophysics stuff.. Drinking yesterday evening, I awoke a few times in the night to relieve myself. When it got to light to go back to sleep I didn't bother. I just awoke so under duress, I awoke. Once dressed, I scooted back to the toilet to relieve myself again. Empty now, I then scooted to the kitchen, to start the day with a cold coffee. I then waited for my morning care. He arrived and walked with me a few times. He then asked how my film was on Tuesday. After some socializing, the front door closed behind him. Once he left, I ate my cereal. Then I exercised and played my favorite game. After sometime, he returned and walked with me a few times. He then prepared my lunch, then he left and once he was gone, I ate and exercised again. I then waited for his return. My intercom buzzed again, it was my evening care. While waiting, I watched a video on the slave trade. I didn't realize, until I watched the video, that not all slaves were black. The Muslims also killed and took a lot of white slaves too. Back in the 1700's. After awhile, my evening care called and walked with me a few times. He then reheated my evening meal and left. I then ate and relaxed, ready for bed. Drinking a few cans of beer. Again, as suspected, I awoke in the night to relieve myself. Once finally up, I started my day in the bathroom to again relieve myself. I then again had a cold coffee. I then transferred to my sofa, to await my care. While waiting, I again went to the toilet, to flush away my cold coffee. My care then arrived. After walking with me, he prepared my breakfast. He then left and I waited for his return at lunchtime. While waiting, I updated my diary. I then watched a video on the bible. It started with some facts. Like it's actually a collection of 66 books written by about 40 authors. In two main testiments. The old and new. The old being before Jesus' birth and the new being after. All being inspired by God. All backed up by manuscript evidence. The new testament being written by the first century.

There's actually more evidence for the bible than there is for Ceaser or Aristotle. The new testament being copied in the first century, from an estimated 20,000 manuscripts, where as Ceasers was copied from only ten manuscripts some 1,000 later. Aristotles being five to ten manuscripts, 1,400 years later. Yet we don't doubt them, looks like Satan done a good job of deceiving the masses. The narrator then told us of many more. The narrator then explained there's no contradictions in the bible, even though certain enemies of the bible, being deceived by Satan, would refute this. He then said if we were to dismiss the new testament, then we should also dismiss Ceaser, Aristotle, Homor etc. .... The narrator then went over some of the archaealogical evidence. Since the 1850's, thousands of discoveries have been made, all confirming the bible.

Then my lunchtime cares arrival, forced me to pause the video. He walked with me a few times. Then he prepared my lunch. "It's cold in here" he commented. "It's perfect" I replied. Apparently according to him, 25c is perfect. "Anything above 11c, is too hot" I said. Once he left, I un-paused the video and watched the rest, while waiting for my sister. It continued with more archaeological evidence. For example, It was once thought that King Solomon's wealth was exaggerated in the bible, evidence says otherwise! Also the Hittites were thought to no more than legend, until archaeology confirmed them and other examples.

The narrator then explained that the 66 books have such unity, that the Bible is often referred to as just one book. After awhile, my sister arrived. "Guess what I've got, it's alive?" She asked. As saying "I don't really care" is a little rude, I said "I don't know, a weed?" I guessed. "No" she replied, getting out a pair of tortoise. "Do you want to hold them? She asked excitedly. "Not really" I replied. Ignoring my uninterested reply, she put one on my hand. She then then told me ones called '5' and the others called '0'. From herself, for her 50th birthday. After being honest this time and taking my washing. She left, with '5' and '0'. I then waited for my evening care. He arrived and asked me how my day was. He then walked with me into double digits. Before he left, he reheated my evening meal. Then once he left, I ate my meal and relaxed, ready for bed. . I awoke to the sound of buzzing. Yet it was still dark outside, so I checked the time. I was obviously dreaming, because I still had just over an hour to go until my morning due time. Only having fifty minutes to go, I got up, dressed and transferred into my wheelchair, l then scooted into my kitchen, to start the day with a cold coffee. I then waited for my morning care. Feeling a little cold, I checked the temperature. It was only 05c but it's slowly getting warmer this week. Up to 08c next Saturday night. My intercom buzzed, typically when I was in the toilet.

Taking awhile to 'Buzz' my care in, he asked if id just got up? "No, I was in the bathroom" I replied, answering his question. He then walked with me a few times. Once he left, I scooted over to my breakfast, have hoping he forgot to add the milk, as I wasn't hungry yet. I was in luck! I then watched various videos. One video I found interesting was on the history of the King James Bible. It went on to say about its translating process. Started in 1607, first going to bible experts. From all walks of the church. Then going to various bishops, then the Arch Bishop and finally the King. It wasn't finalized though until 1610 but wasn't available to the public until the next year.

Greatly anticipated though, it was rushed and contained errors. One such error was missing out the word 'Not' from the commandment 'Do not commit adultery. Commanding people to do the unthinkable, it was known as the sinners bible. Unfortunately, for the sinner wanting some mitigation for their infidelity, this error was soon found. I then watched a film. After sometime, My lunchtime call arrived. He walked with me into double digits. He then 'Topped & tailed' some strawberries.

I then arranged for my evening call to be before Metro again. This will allow me to concentrate more on the sermon, without worrying about being back in time for my call and allows him to have an early night. (Because I'm nice like that!) I then watched the rest of the film, I had started earlier. My evening care then arrived and walked with me a few times. Then before he left, he reheated my evening meal. Once he left, I ate. I then waited for Simon. He arrived on looked for my blue badge, to no avail. So we're forced to park far away. On arrival to Metro, the service was to start, so. I went to the toilet and socialized. After the two minute warning, the congregation hushed and the service started. ...

The formal welcome was brief and curtailed fairly soon to allow for the first testimonial video to be played. This evening, we shall be witnessing some baptisms and the lady who kicked it off told us what becoming a Christian and being baptized meant to her. She was new to faith, and though she was aware of Christianity growing up, it's only recently she's become really inquisitive and embracing of Jesus as the Lord of her life. Her newfound joyfulness spilled over into our hearts, as we entered a time of sung worship to the tunes of, "Sing It Out (He's Alive)", "Hosanna",

"When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/Good Grace (medley)". We then directed our attention to the next baptismal testimony video and learnt from the sincere honesty portrayed by a humble young man, who's recognized he's made mistakes and yet has come to realize Jesus' forgiveness and life-changing power enabling him to become a follower of Christ. Despite a faith-filled upbringing he backslid in terms of relationships he pursued with the opposite sex, but yet God was able to turn his life around again for the better and for the good. An interjection of a preview to this evening's sermon, a baptism-themed special called 'Dead Man Walking', came by way of Metro's student pastor who'd be the deliverer of this message.

Then, the last filmed story of the third and final individual being baptized was shown. His account of God's drawing him close and saving him, was miraculous to say the least. He must have one of the most unique types of amnesia afforded to him; one where he has the most severe form of retrograde amnesia, yet amazingly when coming out of a lengthy coma he knew Jesus loved him. He didn't have a deep knowledge of his journey of faith in Jesus Christ - or where he was at - just that, even if he had to relearn some stuff he was willing. His getting baptized is a re-dedication of his life to Christ. So, before we saw these three brave souls being baptized, we'd hear the sermon and the main focus of it, Biblically, was from the Gospel of John chapter 11.

This chapter details the raising to life of Lazarus, by Jesus himself, and the aftermath of it. The close followers of Jesus there knew he had the power to raise their brother from the dead, yet they still wavered somewhat and doubted after four days whether he really could. Through their tears and sadness they said for example: "Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died." Jesus, in his deep - seated compassion empathized with his friends and followers and, 'bellowed with rage' (an apparently truer translation of the Greek word - 'embrimomenos', traditionally translated as 'deeply moved') at the callousness of death or possibly at the reactions and desperation of his fellows.

Jesus did weep though and there's no doubt he had the same emotions we have and experienced sorrows. We can find great comfort as we read the Scriptures and especially the Gospels. Our stand-in pastor related the resurrection of Lazarus to the supernatural healing from the heart and respiratory problems, and near-death experience, one of our fellow members of Metro Church had had. He talked in more depth on selected phrases within the reading and gave some pertinent insights. After the baptisms, which followed his prayers for the faithful and those seeking, we resumed singing God's praises to the tunes of,

"Living Hope", and "Glorious Day". What brought the meeting to a close, were some notices and the song-of-the-week as per usual; and, subsequent to some socializing we slipped into the night. We made our way to Lesley's car and back to my house, where I made coffees for my guests and I, before they left. I then had a number two, empty, I then got ready for bed.

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