Life Throws Curveballs

I want to begin by saying thank you for taking the time to read this blog I hope you find it helpful.

My name is Gretchen Bailey I have multiple medical conditions which allow me to see the world differently than others. While one of my diagnosis is not Spina Bifida we still can find help and strength through our commonalities. I spend my life trying to reshape the way people Envision the Adaptive community.

I am an advocate for embracing the fact that we all have adapted needs in life whether we have a diagnosis by a medical or psychiatric doctor is irrelevant. Everyone in life adapts something, somehow, some way to get something done that is not traditional manner.

In some of our cases those differences are visible such as using a wheelchair for others of us we Face invisible illnesses such as mental illness or autoimmune disorders. Your adaptive needs are not who you are you are a beautiful child of God created this way on purpose it was by no accident you are not a flaw or blemish or something to be fixed you're beautiful as you are.

This morning life threw me a curveball. I had a seizure which then left me unable to function cognitively 4 round 3 hours. What do you do when life throws you curveballs such as that?In life with everything you have two choices you can either choose to roll over and feel sorry for yourself or you can choose to push forward and some of our cases that's I literally push forward and wheels.

The fact is the rest of the world does not stop when we are thrown curve balls we simply have to elect how to respond to them. These decisions often have to be made rapidly and can be extremely stressful but the ultimate goal is to push forward in life to overcome obstacles not by avoiding them but by learning different ways to approach them.With my health things very moment by moment has to my function ability level I never know what to expect there is no accurate diagnosis for my condition that sums everything up into one as a result I live with a pitcher throwing nothing but curveballs. Despite this Factor my life rolls on regardless of what my deck of cards are for the day's function ability level although I do not work a paying job.

I serve and I volunteer fashion regularly. I am a high school teacher on a hybrid program for home-schoolers that also want social interaction 2 days a week, I am a prayer volunteer for our local radio station, I'd instruct archery to Able Body or adaptive community members, I found it and run my own non-profit organization that helps to empower people with adaptive needs to use a skate park in any means possible to enjoy themselves recreational. This activity is known as WCMX or adaptive skating for those who still use a traditional skateboard but may push using their arms or some other method.

I am also a mother to a special needs son he has pervasive developmental disorder a mild Flaccid Infantile Cerebral Palsy. I am extremely blessed to have a wonderful husband and a wonderful church family to support me in return I am also a high school youth leader at my church I go on camping trips with them 5 Mile hikes with them in my chair I go and do everything they do has you but in some adapted way typically in my wheelchair. One of my high school students arrive to school early for a personal training session as well as a mentoring session. This list was not made to boast it was simply made to show that when life throws me a curveball I swing.

Each moment of each day is your choice you choose how to live it you choose what you want for your life to be if you want something you can make it happen you just must remain diligent in your efforts.

I am in the process of opening my own web page which I will review various products and locations from the view point of an adaptive individual and the reviews will address both communities of individuals. Until then if you would like to know more about me I have a YouTube channel and Twitter handle you can use to see how I handle the curve balls of my life under the name I'm sick Not Dead. To learn more about the non profit sports organization I run check out