On The Daily

On awakening, I could instantly tell it was time to get up, due to being light outside. On awakening, I got dressed and scooted to the bathroom. I wasn't waiting until my morning care arrived. He walked with me the usual amount for a D.C.F day. I then cleaned my teeth. I was brushing away, when my intercom buzzed. It was the chef aided by the new member of staff. After I was pushed to the minibus, the new chef drove to the day center. Picking up people on the way. On arrival, being warmer, I walked from outside the new chef to the armchair in the hallway. I was soon joined by Simon.

After socializing, he walked with me to my wheelchair and into double digits. We then worked on something for the English group. Soon though, I was walking with him. He then showed me how to email some writing to a certain group. Then in no time, I was again walking with him. Once back at my wheelchair, I scooted to the computer room, ready for lunch. After stuffing this rather fat boy, I walked again with Simon. I then loitered in the hallway. After awhile, I again walked with Simon. I then told the new member of staff about my plan to wind up the new chef tonight, making her think my front door key is still at DCF.

I then waited for the official end in activities room. Well waiting, I played my favorite game. At the official end, I was pushed to the minibus by the new member of staff. Once at the transport, the new chef asked where my walker was? After the new member of staff told her it's staying in the center, she asked if I had my keys? Fortunately, at that moment, the tail - lift broke. Drawing her attention to that. Once we were at the door, she asked again where the keys were? "Duh, their in my walker" I replied, pointing at my feet. Which are usually on the walker. "Hang on, where's my walker?" I asked, making out I didn't know. To cut a long story short, she completely fell for it. Once her heavy breathing subsided, from her panic attack, she left. I wasn't waiting long for my evening call. When he arrived and walked with me a few times and reheated my evening meal. I then relaxed, ready for bed, by watching another video on the Torin shroud. Surprisingly my sleep was undisturbed, after getting dressed, I relaxed in the bathroom. I then waited for my morning care, while playing my favorite game. He arrived, even though the breaks on new walker are getting weak, he walked with me the usual amount for a DCF day. I've got the dentists again this morning, meaning I don't have DCF, so I then waited for my mother. She arrived and pushed me to the main road. After awhile, the taxi arrived and drove me to the dentists. I wasn't in the waiting room long, I was soon called in and done her work. I was soon waiting for another taxi. Once back at the day center, I headed straight for the computer room and started my day there socializing with Simon. He then walked with me.

Then I scooted the the computer room, ready for my dose of coffee. After my caffeine intake, I again walked with Simon. I then scooted to the computer room and listened to some music videos with the new member of staff. I then walked with her into double digits. Then watched more music videos with her. I then waited for the official end in the computer room. Then nearer the time, I waited by my walker in the hallway. When the time come, I was going to walk to the minibus but Alex didn't have one with to push my rollater. So I choose to stay in my wheelchair. Once back, Alex pushed me back and in, I then frat my sofa. I then played on my tablet, While waiting for my evening care. While waiting, I watched a video. It answered the question of 'What happens on the moment of death.

According to the narrator, the bible doesn't say much about what happens at the moment of death. Apparently, there's three main trains of thought. The first being, at the moment of death, everyone 'Sleeps' in the grave until the final judgement. My video was then interrupted by my evening calls arrival. He walked with me a few times and reheated my evening meal. He then left and I waited for Simon & Lesley, as it's a Tuesday again. While waiting, I resumed the video. It resumed with the three main views held by Christians, so we then had the second view, that being at the moment of death, people are instantly judged and sent to their final destination.

Then finally, on death, people's souls go to a temporary Heaven or Hell, depending on their Earthly deeds? To await the second coming. So the narrator then explained what the bible says. He used what was written in Acts chapter three, verse two (And a certain man lame from his mother's womb was carried, whom they laid daily at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms of them that entered into the temple) and Acts chapter three, verse 21. ( who must remain in heaven until the time of universal restoration that God announced long ago through his holy prophets) also in 1 Thessalonians chapter 1, verse 10 (And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.)

And 1 Thessalonians chapter four, verse 16. (For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first) and finally 2 Thessalonians chapter 1, verse seven (And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels) The narrator then gave his opinion, this lost me a little, choosing to watch it when I'm less tired, I watched something which takes less concentration, like police pursuits. Simon & Lesley soon arrived. The plan was to some writing, well, for me anyway! We ended up watching a film on DVD instead. As we (Me and Simon) were talking about it and saying how funny it was, Lesley disagreed though and being always right, we had to prove her wrong. Alas, she smiled. They soon left, as it was getting late. I then relaxed, ready for bed. Even though I didn't need to get up in the night, my sleep was still disturbed. When I finally gave up trying, I started the day with a much needed cold coffee. I then waited for my morning care. I was suspecting my care to be late, surprisingly she was on time. She walked with me a few times. Surprisingly, she gave me my medication, Unsurprisingly, she didn't prepare breakfast. Once she left, I waited for my mother. I them continued the video I started yesterday, about death. It went on to say that on death, we go too Heaven in incorruptible and new bodies, to forever be with the Lord.

As Heaven is sinless, we can't be capable of it. It's free from death too, so we must be vegetarians too, otherwise the animals we as food, can't die. Therefore death is just a separation of body and soul. The video concluded by saying that believers would go to Heaven, whereas unbelievers would burn for eternity in a lake of fire. This I disagree with though. As the bible describes Hell being thrown into a lake of burning sulphur.

Remembering sulphur was the hottest known thing at the time Revelations was written, thus destroying everything. So apart from Satan and maybe the Antichrist, everything will be permanently destroyed. Satan and the Antichrist burning forever. My intercom then buzzed. It was my mother. She was telling me excitedly about my sisters tortoises. Then I broke it to her, that I already knew. Instead of frying me a cooked breakfast, she scrambled me some eggs and took out a meal for this evening, to defrost. She then left. So I ate and waited for my domestic call.

She arrived. She started off by walking with me a few times, then the need for the toilet got too great. So I then went to the bathroom. She then done some housework. She then walked with me again, this time into double digits. After some more cleaning, she walked with me a few more times. Then she done some more cleaning and left. Luckily, my mother fed me today, because the thought of me eating hasn't even crossed her mind. I then waited for her return this evening. She returned and walked with me a few times. Then she reheated my evening meal. Once she served it, she left. I then ate, shortly before relaxing, ready for bed I slept better last night. After an undisturbed nights sleep, I scooted into the bathroom, then the kitchen. Then I started the day, with the usual cold coffee. As it's quite hot, I then scooted onto the balcony. I was still out there when my morning care walked past. So I quickly scooted over to the intercom and was going to buzz her in but at the that moment, someone left. So as the communal door was open, she walked straight in. I then pressed the button to open my door. So walking straight in, she was walking with me in no time. I remembered to ask for cereal too, so she prepared my breakfast. Once she left, I exercised and waited for my shopping call. While waiting, I wasn't sure how long I've got until my next call, as I don't have a rota. So I watched a short video. On one of the ten commandments.

Exodus chapter 20, verse 12. (Honor your father and your mother, in order that your days be lengthened on the land that the Lord, your God, is giving you) It's the first commandment, with a blessing. Apparently, it doesn't mean you have to agree with everything they say but you have to honor them as your parents. The narrator then explained that he doesn't know of anybody whose disrespected their parents and had it easy. It went on to say if you want blessings, then 'Honor your father and mother'. The video then ended abruptly.

So I played my favorite game. After getting lost, in a make believe World, my intercom buzzed. I could see from the monitor, it was my usual shopping carer. I asked where she'd been, for the last two weeks. Apparently, she's been in hospital. She walked with me a few times. Then she pushed me to her car and drove to my usual supermarket. Once I'd brought my shopping for the week, she pushed me back to her car and drove to the cheapest supermarket. Once back home, she walked with me into double digits.

Then she prepared my lunch. Then before she left, she walked me a few more times. I then watched random videos, while waiting for my evening care. I wasn't expecting any, because I'd asked my shopping call to phone the office, to exclude her. Going against my sisters wishes, after all she'd lied about me being out, when really, she didn't arrive. So when my intercom buzzed, I'd already had a drink. So I didn't walk. She soon left! So I relaxed, ready for bed. Then ii remembered I hadn't got a coffee going cold, for the morning, so I made one. March! The coldest month is now behind us, it SHOULD start getting warmer now. To top it all, I had another glorious, undisturbed nights sleep. On awakening refreshed, I drank my cold coffee out of addiction for caffeine. I then transferred to the sofa, to await my morning care. Whelst waiting, I played my favorite game. I then waited and waited. I eventually messaged my sister asking if my care had died. After an hour, I was sure he'd met God. The one that hasn't been for awhile arrived. She told me he was still alive and came to help me in the shower. She started off walking with me, then as I was walking, she remembered she'd left the tap running. (In the living room sink.

By the time I was on my third lap, "Hurry" my care said, in a panic, over the sound of dripping water. "Well, at least we now know the overflow doesn't work" I commented to try and lift the mood. Unfortunately, my laughing didn't work. Once she'd pulled the plug, the waterfall stopped and she was able to mop."You missed a bit" I sarcastically said. My sarcasm didn't work. Her breathing returned to normal, once she show re me and walked with me. I then waited for my lunchtime while exercising. My lunchtime call arrived. He explained he wasn't dead, he then walked with me a few times. He then prepared my lunch, .

After which time, he explained he's back this evening. Until then, I watched videos and exercised. He arrived and walked with me a few times. Then he reheated my evening meal, as I rested. He then walked with me into double digits and served my meal. He then left add I had a message from Simon, on social media, asking if I felt cleaver? This is I needed to remind me have a quiz tonight. With him,, Lesley and his parents. I simply replied 'No'. I then waited for impending embarrassment. The embarrassment wasn't so harsh. After the quiz, I went to the toilet. "So what position did we finish?" I asked Lesley, on going back in to the main venue. "Fourth" Lesley replied. "Out of four" I added. Simon then pushed me back to Lesley's car and drove back to mine. On arrival, being old, Lesley stayed in the car. Simon reheated my evening meal and left? After eating, I relaxed, ready for bed

YAY, another undisturbed nights sleep. On awakening however, I had quite the need for a number one. I then scooted into the living room and worked on my diary. I was just starting my cold coffee, when my intercom buzzed. So I scooted over to it and pressed the 'Enter' button. In no time, my morning care walked through my front door and walked with me a few times. Then he left. So I then waited for my mother. While waiting, I watched a video on contradictions in the bible. Basically, there isn't any. You must remember, the bible was written by about forty different authors over 1,400 years.

Each from a different view, in a different language and for a different audience. So there's bound to be differences but differences aren't contradictions. The video started with a welcome and the audience being told that if we read the bible from cover to cover, we'd find it coherent and easy(ish) to understand. We then had a reminder of its authors. It has been shown before that the Bible doesn't agree with history, only for archeology, to save the day and prove the bible was right all along. Hunger pains then got the better of me, so I paused the video and ate.

Before I could finish, my intercom buzzed again. So I scooted over and pressed the button. My mother then walked in. I don't like eating in front of her but hunger got the better of me. We them talked about family. Then done her crossword. She then baked my usual pizza. Once she served it,, she left. I then got carried away playing my favorite game. I was still engrossed in my game, when my intercom buzzed again. It was my lunchtime call. He walked with me a few times and into double digits.

"You've cancelled tonight, so I'll see you in the morning" he commented, as he left. I then went back to my game. I then waited for Simon, as I've again got martial arts. He arrived, on arrival he immediately pushed me to Lesley's car. I then said hello to Lesley, as I transferred in. Simon then drove to martial arts. Fortunately, the wife & husband who take payment wasn't there, as I forgot my bank card. We practiced a new technique today, called a 's' something. I'm sure the 'S'' stands for 'something', as the move looked nothing like an 'S'. After doing the 'Something', Simon pushed me back to the car and drove through the particularly heavy traffic and onto mine. Due to age (I guess, or perhaps I smell) Lesley stayed in the car. Simon reheated my evening meal. Once he left, I ate and relaxed, ready for bed. After a disturbed nights sleep, where it was too hot, I ran out of sweat. So I started the day with cold coffee. To re-hydrate myself. Once the caffeine was coursing through my veins, I transferred to the sofa, to await my morning care. While waiting for the cold coffee to work wonders, I updated my diary and played my favorite game. I was playing until my care arrived. He walked with me the usual amount of a Deaf church Sunday. I asked him not to bother with breakfast. So after walking with me, so until lunchtime, he left.

In the meantime, I watched various videos, on all sorts from a walking robot, to a video not necessarily on the shroud of Turin. It then. was on the unexpected and the shroud was mentioned. My intercom then buzzed. As suspected, it was my lunchtime call. He walked with me into double digits. Then I requested he calls tonight, as I don't want to cancel to many. Because I run the risk of the council removing them completely. I then waited for Simon, as I've again got deaf church. He arrived, once he pushed me to the car, he drove across the city. On arrival, it was a bible study, so we were in the side chapel. At first we took well needed sanctuary from the. Wind "we'll wait a few more minutes" the vice said. I think however the wind blew any stragglers away. After a blessing and a prayer we started. We had a reminder it's lent soon.

Then a straggler was blown in. We talked about Jesus being tempted by the Devil. Then n we went through the temptation, relating it to the temptations we face. We then talked about some of the temptations we face. Gill then gave a bible reading. (Luke chapter 18, verses 09 to 13) She then signed the reading. She then what we can learn thus parable? The answer being 'Be humble'. Gill then gave us more answers. The congregation then said what they plan to give up for lent. Me? Nothing I can think of right now, because I'm a sinner. (My attempt at being humble!) The congregation then talked about what to pray for. We were handed another sheet, about what we could give up for lent. The congregation then was given yet another sheet, this one a prayer we wrote two years ago.

This year, we're writing a song. The congregation then gave their suggestions. I was too busy writing this, to make any suggestions. We then practiced signing it, the congregation was then filmed signing it. Gill then lit the candles as we signed and said the prayer, we wrote two years ago. We then said some other prayers, first for the local community, then moving further afield to the World. We then ended with the Lord's prayer. It was then my favorite time, cake time. After relieving myself, Simon pushed out to the car. He then drove across the city, to my house. After I made my guests a coffee and some socializing, Simon pushed me to the car and back through the center. Then on too Metro,, on arrival, Simon used the toilet, while I again socialized. After a warning, the service started with A welcome ...

... and some notices that were delivered in a different way. In the form of a quiz, the onstage winner was allowed to give their spiel first, and then the loser would share theirs later in the evening. After we heard about an upcoming gala for the students, we worshiped along to the songs, "Pray" (this is the first time they've sung this at Metro), "Our God", and "Holy Spirit". We watched the trailer they've put together to garner anticipation for Philip's talk tonight, and which will be played for the next two weeks also. This new series has the title, 'The Ancients', with the first installment being called, 'Jacob Blessed'.

Philip is hoping to draw out what faith is, how it informs the way we live, and what its connection is to blessing others and worshiping God. The trailer itself was a glossy reading of part of Hebrews chapter eleven. Philip took to the stage and began by asking us what story do we want to live? Quizzing, is there more to life than humdrum survival and just getting by. The brief summaries of the Biblical men and women highlighted in this letter to Jewish believers, shows that 'by faith' these selected persons rose above mediocrity and the short-sightness of those with no hope or vision. In verse 13 it says,

"These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth." Earlier it says in verse 6, "But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." Philip then gave us an abridged account of Jacob's life story, as it is told in the Book of Genesis. He arrived to a point in his life as a man, where he wrestled with God (Philip said this could be one of the times where Jesus manifests himself in a spiritual way before his incarnation).

Jacob said, "... I will not let thee go, except thou bless me." Philip explained what he thought 'wrestling with God' meant; that it's being intentional and desiring to receive a blessing from God. Philip told us about his and his wife's feeling called to Bristol and how not only they prayed for assurance and guidance in this, but also how they knew their need for God's resourcing them somehow. They felt a likeness to Jacob - who grasped for the Lord's blessings. "And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed." (These last two quotes are from Genesis 36:26,28).

Philip said, "If you see it you can live it; if you receive it you can give it." The offer was made by our speaker for a chap who was baptized only last week, to give a healing testimony of his newly being able to walk and do star jumps. He was a wheelchair user (and still is to a lesser degree), who's had cerebral palsy since birth. He went to the hospital in the week, he confessed, and said the doctors were aghast that a literal missing part of his brain has been formed within his cranium, and that only God could have done this. Philip hoped that this miracle would feed our faith and said, "It's by faith we can see the kingdom of God, and receive the blessing of God."

He lastly prayed for any seekers to receive the gift of faith and invited them into a relationship with the Lord Jesus with us, after which we worshiped in song. The band played, "King of Kings, Majesty", and "How Great Is Our God". Finally, to end the service tonight, we were encouraged to enter into different future Church activities and some this upcoming week, before we also heard the song-of-the-week. Simon then pushed me to Lesley's car and drove onto my house.

Again age got the better of Lesley, mind you, she used the old 'Work commitments' excuse. So she stayed in the car. Simon pushed me back and as I still got evening care coming he left. I wasn't waiting long, until my evening care arrived. He walked with me a few times. As he was walking with me, he reheated my evening meal. He then left and I ate and relaxed, ready for bed. watching a film.