Another Day In My Life

After another undisturbed nights sleep, I scooted straight to the bathroom, to avoid impending disaster. I wasn't waiting long, until my morning care arrived. He walked with me the usual amount for a DCF day. He was just walking with me the eighth time, when my intercom buzzed. "They can wait" I told my carer, guessing it was the early arrival of DCF. After making their own way, I was surprised to see it was the new member of staff. After pushing me t the minibus, the driver then drove to DCF, picking up members on the way. On arrival, she walked with me in, again it wasn't so cold, so I walked from the minibus. She then made me a few coffees. I was soon joined by Simon. So I socialized. Then he walked with me into double digits, by walking with me to my wheelchair. I wasn't down in the meeting room long when he walked with me again. Once back to my wheelchair, I immediately scooted to the computer room, to work on something for the groups. I then walked with Simon again. Afterwards I scooted to the computer room, ready for lunch. After filling my face, I again walked with Simon. I then loitered around the center but mostly in the hallway. Near to my walk time, I scooted to the meeting room and walked with the new chef. As she pushed my rollator to the hallway, I waited near that and updated my diary. I then waited by my walker. In the end, I couldn't be bothered to walk. So Lisa pushed me on to the minibus. Then she drove to my house, aided by the new chef husband, who drove this morning. He pushed me back, being first to be dropped off I had awhile until my evening care. In that time, I played my favorite game. After awhile of silence, my intercom buzzed and I was joined by my evening care. He walked with me a few times and reheated my evening meal. He then asked if I wonted a coffee, for the morning? After telling him I don't really, he left. I then relaxed, ready for bed. Shrove Tuesday - On awakening, I didn't bother to check the time. After all, it had got far too light outside, to go back to sleep. I just scooted into the livingroom and played my favorite game, while waiting for my morning care. He arrived and walked with me a few times, and on the fourth walk my intercom buzzed again. So, me and my carer looked at each other confused. After a while, he picked up the courage to open the communal door. Still shaking with anticipation, his manager walked in - apparently to give me an assessment. I again walked with my carer, and then I offered his manager a coffee. Once she declined, I again walked with my carer. My carer left while his manager stayed to ask me some questions like am I happy or something like that, I managed to smile and nod whenever her lips stopped moving, but I didn't take it in. I think my indifference worked, as she then she shook my hand and left. She wasn't gone long when DCF arrived. Once the old chef walked me to the minibus, Le to DCF picking up people on the way being aided by the old chef. On arrival, the old chef walked me in and I sat down in the armchair in the hallway. She made me a coffee, at the same time as Lisa did - so I ended up with three coffees. I was soon joined by Simon, so I socialized with him and told him about my day. He then walked me into double digits as I walked to my wheelchair. Then I scooted to the computer room, but on the way I had to take a pit stop to the toilet due to so much coffee. On exiting the toilet, due the restraints of time, I didn't quite make the computer room. I had my first official walk with Simon. I then scooted to the computer room. After sometime, I walked with the old chef, I then scooted to the meeting room to socialize but ended up walking with the new member of staff. I then scooted to the computer room, ready for lunch. I ate, while Simon uploaded another video. After stuffing myself, I again walked with Simon. I then scooted to the computer room to listen to music, with the new member of staff. I soon got bored and walked with the new chef. I then scooted to the computer room, to listen to more music. I then sneaked another walk with her in. I then again went to the toilet to relieve myself. I then waited for the official end by my walker. By the end arrived, I couldn't be bothered to walk, so Alex pushed me to the minibus. Once. I transferred in, the old chef drove to mine. Aided by Alex. Once back, Alex pushed me back. I then waited for my evening care. He arrived and walked with me a few times and reheated my evening meal. Once he left, I ate. I then waited for Simon & Lesley. They arrived and I made them a coffee, we socialized. Meanwhile, Simon done something technical on his laptop. Once they left, I went to bed. 06/03/2019 - On awakening, I checked the time. Noticing I had just over an hour until cares earliest arrival time, to be safe, I didn't go back to sleep. On getting dressed, I scooted first to the bathroom, then onto the kitchen. Where forgetting to ask for a coffee, last night, I made a fresh one. I then transferred to my sofa, to await my morning care. She arrived, it was the woman who'd been in hospital. After walking with me a few times, she helped me in the shower. Then once she helped me get dried and dressed, she walked with me a few more times. Once she prepared my breakfast, she left. My mother arrived shortly afterwards. She done her crossword, it was then I thought, 'Why dose she bother to give me clues, when she forgets her hearing aids?' All of a sudden she'd go back to one I answered ages ago and say what I said. Old people be hard work but cute, after the crossword, we socialized for awhile. Then she toasted me a cheese sandwich. She soon left, it wasn't too long until my domestic call arrived. She walked with me a few times then done something housework and inthe bathroom. Then she walked with me into double digits. There was a momtinous beeping in my bedroom from the fire alarm panel in the communal hallway, So after my walk, I got my carer to push me to security. They come along and reset it, or something simple like that! On returning back, she walked with me a few more to me. She then left. So as I believe Isreal is God's profetic time peace, in watched a video explaining the flag. There was lots of explanations, the nicest being the top of the two blue bands, representing thee sky. With the star of David in the middle. Apparently nothing to with King David. After more profetic, stand up and fail videos, I watched a film. Then my intercom buzzed. I was disgusted to learn it was the one, I tried exuding, obviously unsuccessfully. I then watched a film and after, I relaxed, ready for bed. Being the first day of Lent, I've desided to stop drinking for Lent. So I relaxed, without an alcoholic beverage. 07/03/2019 - Not drinking last night, I expected difficulties. So praying I'd get a night, that's what I got. On awakening, I checked the time. I still had about an hour to go, until my cares usual arrival time. So I slowly scooted into the living room and started my day with cold coffee. I then updated my diary and played my favorite game, while waiting for my morning care. During my wait, the cold coffee reached my bladder, so I went to relieve myself but my intercom buzzed instead. I was disappointed to see from the monitor on the intercom, it was again the carer I thought I'd excluded. Ignoring my dislike for her, I walked with her a few times. Then she left. After awhile, the hunger pains set in. I looked across the kitchen, from the sofa. The table was empty, so she'd forgotten my cereal again. Ignoring the hunger, (I'm getting fat anyway, I DON'T need more calories!) I watched a video on Hell. The video began by saying we tend to live for the moment, we barely consider death. We could be in an accident tomorrow, then where would we be? Where ever we are, we're there for eternity. If we don't have Jesus, we go to Hell. According to the bible, there's three types of Hell. First type being Hell in your heart. According to the narrator, thousands of people listening to the video, have Hell in their heart. Much of the World assumes human nature is good but according to the narrator, the bible teaches it's bad. That we're all sinful, wayward and lost. 'In sin did my mother conceive me' said David. So according to the narrator, we're born into sin. When we reach the age of accountability, we choose to sin. Then before we even realize it, sin becomes instinctual. Then there's the Hell of guilt. The narrator (whose a preacher I guess) knew of a married man, who was cheating on his wife. He reportedly said "I'm living in Hell" not knowing if he'll get caught. Then for the second example he quoted Isaiah chapter 14 verse 09. (Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.) There's Hell everywhere, in the home and in society. He then gave some examples. When things go pear shaped we say "All Hell has broken loose". Then thirdly, there's the Hell in the future, an eternal Hell the one we all want to avoid, because it goes on and on forever. Apparently, it's a projection of the Hell we face now but I'm guessing much worse. He went on to say that it's a place created for the Devil and his angels but we choose to listen to Satan, yet God loves us so much that he devised a plan, so we wouldn't even have to spend a day in Hell. All we have to do is except Jesus into our hearts. Apparently, it's darkness but Jesus is the light. The light being a gift from grace. My intercom then buzzed, it my shopping call. After walking with me a few times, he pushed me to his car and first drove to the cheapest supermarket, for alcohol. As I'd feel better if I had over a weeks worth of Irish liquor in the house, that way, it doesn't matter so much that I can't get to the shop on my own. After getting my food for the week and some alcohol, he then drove back to mine. He then walked with me into double digits. He then put my shopping away. Once my food was away, he walked with me a few more times. He then prepared my lunch and left. I then waited for my evening call. My intercom buzzed, I was again disappointed to learn from my intercoms monitor it was the girl I thought I'd excluded. Needless to say, she walked with me a few times and reheated my evening meal. As soon as the door closed behind her, I ate. I then relaxed, ready for bed. 08/03/2019 - Something went horribly wrong last night. Even though I hadn't drank alcohol for three days and I stopped all other liquids by 15:00, I had an emergency at just past half three in the morning. Then I found it nigh on impossible to go back to sleep. After a lot of tossing and turning , it got to light outside. So reluctantly, I got dressed and scooted into the toilet. Only to relieve myself again. After starting the day with a cold coffee, I waited for my morning care, during my wait, I went on social media. When he did arrive, I told him about the carer I tried exuding. He asked again what she'd done wrong. "She'd lied" I reminded him. After awhile and not knowing how reliable any replacement carer would be, under duress, I've decided to put with her for now. "Have you stopped drinking for Lent?" He asked. Seeing my bottles haven't changed, since he saw them last. "Yes" I replied, as I finished walking, a few more times. He then left. I then watched a video on lent. Apparently, it's more of a Catholic thing, with some other denominations partaking but is it Biblical? It's supposed to be fasting, fortunately, I'm far too greedy to fast. I write 'Fortunately' because it's NOT by works were saved but grace. Jesus done all the necessary work on the cross. So the Catholic Church want us to suffer through starvation, for no reason. I'm going to try and abstain from drinking, until Easter, because I'm stubborn but also because I'm not suffering. If anything, it'll medically do me good. So I'm abstaining for God but also for myself. He returned and walked with me a few times. Looking at the baguette my mother had prepared, after she'd done her regular crossword, he asked if my mother had been? On stating the obvious, he left. I then heard from my friends wife. Her and my mate are visiting this afternoon. So I then waited for my oldest friend and his wife. Eventually, they arrived and we socialized. Then my intercom buzzed, it was my care. He walked with me into double digits. After I refused my evening meal, he done some housework. He then left. My friend and his wife wasn't too far behind.  then relaxed, ready for bed. 09/03/2019 - Not having alcohol for four days, I expected an undisturbed nights sleep, surprisingly that's exactly what I got. We have a an expression here in Bristol, 'As fresh as a daisy'. That's how I woke up. On entering the kitchen, I was still on the hunt for a cold coffee. More out of convenience than addiction. .I simply couldn't be bothered to make one. After my intake of caffeine, I played my favorite game, while waiting for my morning care. When my intercom buzzed, even though I expected it to sound. I was so engrossed in my game, I was startled to the point of jumping. I turned off my tablet, then transferred to my wheelchair, ready to walk. After walking a few times, he prepared breakfast, then left. Feeling quite warm now, I checked the weather forecast. Apparently, it's only 07c at the moment, a benefit of being fat, I guess. I then watched a video telling of Biblical events happening Worldwide. The video started with a clip of the northern nights. Apparently getting more intense or something. Then it showed a news article of a 'Fish kill' in America and France. With scenes of dolphins washing up on shore but apparently sea lions too. Then a news report of other animal deaths, losing the little empathy I have, looking at the scenes of dead crows, I coldly thought to myself, 'Bye birds'. Then it showed a news report from Queensland, Australia. After months of drought, they've had torrential rain, killing livestock. It showed a farmer, using words like "Tragedy". Then there more clips from other news reports from around the World. Then a news article about something called 'Zombie deer', let's hope it doesn't jump species or a certain unnamed member of staff from DCF will get more clever. Then a news article saying up to 40% of insect species could go extinct in the next few decades. We were then told that's if bees were to go, humans wouldn't be (Pardon the pun) far behind. As each ecosystem is dependent on the other. We were then given more examples of insect decline. It then listed some extreme weather, with some photographs of the ice. The some photos of a phenomenon called 'Light pillars' from freezing air causing pillars of light in the air. The video then ended, with the caption 'To be continued'. I don't think it'll be that long though. As there all common events alone but all at the same time? Somethings up! After my intercom buzzed, my care walked with me a few times. Once he prepared lunch, he then left but love save the cheese baguette, until I've eaten the fish 'n' chips from my sisters visit. As I struggled last time, to eat both. When she arrived, as suspected she had with her some fish 'n' chips. We watched a film together, while socializing. After the film, she left and updated my diary, Whilst waiting for my evening care. He arrived and walked with me a few times, then reheated my evening meal. When the microwave went t 'Ting', he served my food. He then left and I ate. I then relaxed, ready for bed, playing my favorite game. 10/03/2019 -

YAY! Even though being paranoid, I didn't expect an undisturbed nights sleep, yet undisturbed it was. After going to the toilet, now being empty, I ruined my efforts by having a litre of cold coffee. I then waited for my morning care. He arrived and walked with me a few times. Then he prepared my cereal. He then arranged my next call (I think) but being arrogant, I just done my smile & nod trick. He then left and I checked my favorite game. I then watched a secular video, on astrophysics. I then learned I it was a Catholic priest who first theorized the 'Big bang'. Suspicious about the Catholic Church, I then watched a video on the Pope. The Roman Empire who crucified Jesus, we're overtaken by the Catholic Church in 430 A.D. By the 630 's they deceived Muhammad and got him to create Islam. My intercom then buzzed, making me jump. On answering my care walked with me a few times. While waiting, knowing it was either the 10th or the 11th today, I worked out I didn't have deaf church, because it couldn't possibly the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month. So bearing my new found knowledge in mind, after my walk, I arranged for my next call to be before Metro. He arrived well before Metro, so I can concentrate on the sermon more. He forgot to take a meal out of the freezer this morning, meaning it had no time to thew, so he defrosted it in the microwave. Well it was defrosting, he walked with me into double digits. Once he left, I waited for Simon. He arrived and pushed me to Lesley's car and drove across the city center and onto Metro. On arrival, the service was to start. So after socializing, the service started with Philip as the ringmaster tonight and the circus that ensued, turned into a quiz where three eager contestants fought for the right to share their notice. This evening, the focus of this segment went to the man who shared with us, his invitation to Metro's student weekend away. The band members found their spots on the stage and played with congregational accompaniment, "The Way", "Pray", and "Build My Life". The honor of preaching The Word tonight falls upon Philip's wife, and hers is the second sermon in the series titled, "The Ancients". With the heading of 'Moses Refused', Philip's wife's objective this evening is to answer the question, "What do you do when faith in God looks like social and career suicide?" The trailer kicked off her talk, which also reminded us of a number of Biblical characters who achieved over and above the natural expectations there is of us. She began by asking questions related to this thought, of whether or not we hold ourselves as being important in the grand scheme of things, or not and if we think we're unworthy and insignificant. She then gave a little back story into the life of Moses, and how the descendants of Israel found themselves in the land of Egypt and eventually becoming and enslaved people there. The LORD God had promised them their own land, flowing with milk and honey, and the scene was set for understanding the time in which this inspired author (of the Bible's first five books) was born. The seven verses that refer to Moses in the eleventh chapter of the New Testament book of Hebrews, are verses 23 to 29, and it begins as, "By faith Moses, when he was born, was hid three months of his parents, because they saw he was a proper child; and they were not afraid of the king's commandment. ..." She wanted to give credit, as The Bible does, to Moses' parents and the vision and confidence in God's promises they had - especially being realized in their child. Our speaker said on a personal note, that when she introduced her husband-to-be to her parents, that they were examples of the kind of parents that didn't share that kind of vision for the future of their child. They overlooked the love and vision their daughter had for a promising and happy union of souls that Philip and his wife would have, and instead obsessed over the prospects they had together based on their future son-in-law's wealth and occupation. Philip's wife read one by one the verses aforementioned and gave her commentary based on each as they were projected on the screens for us to read along with. She commented upon Moses' awareness of his heritage in his adult years, despite being raised by an adoptive mother (who knew nothing of the truth of the true King of the universe). Philip's wife also drew out the relevant theme of voluntary affliction, people in this period of Lent likewise endure, for the sake of drawing closer to God on a more spiritual level and to prayerfully protect themselves - with the power of the Holy Spirit - from denying, or bringing disgrace to, the name of Jesus. Verse 26 says, "... Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for [Moses] had respect unto the recompence of the reward." With insightfulness throughout, Philip's wife ultimately centered her conclusion around the crux of her talk, which was "Faith qualifies us for eternity". Faith can sometimes be hard to define, but I reckon think it's like a gift that's given to us, so that we shouldn't pat ourselves on our backs for having it; and, that those who have it are humbly accepting that God is who he says he is in his Word (The Holy Bible), allowing him to work through them, and trusting his goodness and truth which he reveals to them along the way. We worshiped some more after Philip's wife prayed for us all, and went into another time of socializing as the song-of-the-week played. Then Simon pushed me back to Lesley's car and drove to mine. I then made my guests a coffee. Simon & Lesley drank their drinks, while watching a film. The yarns started and they left. I didn't relax for long, I just ate my, which I reheated and cleaned my teeth and went to bed. On awakening, I got dressed and scooted into the toilet. After an undisturbed night of sleep, I awoke with quite a need. I then scooted into the living room and waited for my morning care while playing my favorite game.