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Unknown - Karen Smith

They walk with the legends 

of unfaithful stories 

And no form of heart protection 

Are you scared to hear their voices ? 

All you will hear is plain static 

I won’t rely on upon these clouds 

To tell me the story 

Especially when the truth 

Has been revealed multiple times 

Then one she holds onto 

Her belief strong 

They are out to get her 

And want every piece of her

She knows they want her gone 

Their words were crisp 

And leaving lacerations across the heart 

And building upon hearsay 

So to be or not to be 

Their hearts seem to have gone stale 

She won’t ride upon their train 

Nor swim across the sea 

She can clearly see 

Ribbons will dance 

And voices shall sing 

It will cast out all the aliens

So you better not go nearby . 


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