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Where Can I Find Love ? Joanne Marszal

Where Can I Find Love?

Where can I find love?

That many people speak of

sometimes, I feel so empty inside

Like something that has been denied

Just want someone to call my own

I am just so tired of the unknown

Someone seeing me beautiful when I do not

That would really mean a whole lot

A guy that can safely hold my heart

Without tearing it apart

Where can I find love?

A guy that I think the world of

Someone who will be by my side

That is love no one can hide

Someone who can make me smile

This would make him worthwhile

Someone that looks passed my disability

I think someone like that is a possibility

A guy who helps take care of me

Some say that’s true love and I agree

It may seem hard to find a loved one

But in time it can eventually be done.

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